About Us

Snacking Global Food Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia company which specialized in trading activity of local and international snacks and engaged in snack wholesale and retail business. Our main office is located in Bandar Sunway, Selangor. We supply many varieties of snacks such as nuts, fried food, plums, dried fruits, meat (no pork, no lard), biscuits & cakes, drinks, candies & puddings, vegetarian food, seafood snacks and healthy products.

SnacKing Global Food has more than 1,000 kinds of different types of snacks from local and international, including China mainland, China Taiwan, China Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Spain, Austria, Germany, US and Canada. We are cooperating with the global manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality snacks to jointly develop the snack market, providing Malaysian consumers with the chance for more delicious snacks from all over the world.

In Malaysia, we are representing the biggest snack chain shop in China- Bestore. Bestore was established in 2006 and specialized in snacks research, snacks development, food processing, food packaging and snacks retail service.  In 2016, it has over 2,150 branches in China which is the biggest snacks chain shop in China. The registered capital of Bestore is RMB 52.16 million. In 2016, the annual sales was RMB 6 billion. The raw materials and snack processing plants of these products are scattered in different parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Africa, South America, North America and Southeast Asia, as well as other domestic areas.

Our Brand

SnacKing Global Food is also selling other variety of international snack brands including Taiwan Pei Tien, Taiwan Hemali, Taiwan Zhang Yajun, Hong Kong Calbee, Spain MOMOKING, Vietnam Tipo, Thailand  VFOODS, Germany Leibniz, Austria Spitz, Canada Gogoberry, Malaysia Jacker and Fudo, Indonesia Richeese and Papatonk and so on.
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